Sree & Safdar

In mid 2009, Sree and Safdar happened to be a part of the same classroom in a college in Calcutta. 6 years, a few films, a few classrooms (they both taught children in delhi as part of the Teach for India fellowship), and some serious travelling later, they found themselves back in calcutta wanting to put their best feet forward and add their little idealistic bits to the lives of children whom they saw around them.


Bhawana, who was a monk in her previous life, has an infectious smile. She handles the on-ground co-ordination and is the lorries' woman friday.


Celine is a diver, closet painter, and an ex-lawyer turned indie film producer who runs the film production house, Travelling Light. At the lorries, she handles all our outreach.


Rajdeep, editor, filmmaker, who could fight for the most-nostalgic-person-in-the-world title, handles the most difficult portfolio of being the ultimate friend in need. He also runs the film lorry program.


Adrija has the most infectious laughter that has ever been heard in the history of South Calcutta. She is a published illustrator and handles all things art and design at the lorries, including our children's magazine doodle and this website.