In a world which is becoming increasingly visual every passing day, where more stories are being told/heard/seen, where ideologies are being worn on shirt sleeves and cover photos, where solidarity is becoming increasingly accessible and where lofty ideas of justice and freedom are often in the numbers, The Film Lorry Project is another of our attempts to open up avenues for the children we work with to tell their own stories, and to document others.

We train young adults in the art of shooting with a camera for a period of one year. The idea is to leave the students with a skill that will help them find employability and and set up a network of production houses/local wedding photographers/audio visual avenues which they can access. We also hope to be able to leave each of our students with a camera in their hands, armed with which, along with the skills they will have learnt, they will be a force to reckon with when they step out into the outside world.

Spearheaded by Rajdeep, the program is an enthusiastic and wholesome understanding of the entire process of film-making. Equipped with guidance and support from many good-spirited, talented individuals associated with film-making, this program is turning out to be quite an exciting one.

Mentors : Pablo, Kalpan, Sree, Safdar, Rusha , Tanaji.

Raju (left) and Parameshwar are both students of class 12 and currently the first batch of enthusiastic students of film-making under Film Lorry.

Here is what they have been upto of late..